Project Portfolio Management Toolbox

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Project Portfolio Management Toolbox

Revolution IT project managers offer more than knowledge and experience. They come prepared with a series of tools designed to help the project team work together more effectively.

Project Management Quick Start Package

To get projects back on track quickly, Project Management Quick Start Package is designed to plug a wide range of skill gaps, and to work with all kinds of staffing and technology requirements.
Our Project Management Quick Start Package includes:

Deliverables Checklists

Highlighting our experience in Project Management, Requirements and Testing, this tool uses our unique methodology to build the project schedule, including the agreed list of deliverables, and roles and responsibilities for all team members.

Project Management Plan

This template defines how and when a project’s aims and outcomes are to be realised. It’s a formal, approved document showing a project’s major milestones, inputs, goals, activities and resources.

Risk Assessment Process

To help our clients identify, assess, implement and manage risks, this document outlines how to conduct risk management workshops that bring together stakeholders.

Total Cost of Ownership Model

Pinpoint and analyse costs across a project’s lifecycle. Analyse the project’s cost of delivery, and the cost of supporting the project after implementation, with our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model.

Project Manager Reports

Regularly report on a project’s progress to key stakeholders with our standardised, professional templates for Steering Committee or Regular Project Reports.

Project Manager Workbook

To assist Project Managers from day one, our Project Manager Workbook provides process guides and templates to successfully establish, monitor and manage the project’s financials, resources, issues, risks, changes and other challenges. To facilitate a culture of ongoing learning, it details continuous improvement processes, and for easy reference, it registers all project benefits, indices and goals.

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